Best Snowboard Boots Reviewed 2018

Snowboarding is one of the most exciting and adventurous sport and requires proper guidelines and safety equipment to protect you from any injury while riding like the wind on snow and ice. It is very important to invest in ga ood material with proper protection from harsh weather, snow, storm and irregular winds. Boots are essential equipment required for snowboarding and by boots, we mean best snowboard boots with advanced features to make you move and slide freely on the slippery snow, to easily maintain stability on the board and protect your feet from snow in extreme cold temperature, and keep them warm.

The market is flooded with a lot of variety and choice for the customers which make it hard for us to decide at times. With this Snowboard Boots Review, we have tried to reduce your dilemma and listed 10 different items from our best advanced snowboard boots 2018 list which have amazing features and equipped with the best of the materials to give you a tough yet soft pair of boots and make your riding experience worth memory filled with adventure and excitement. These different boots are from the most reliable companies of shoe and boots manufactures and have made their name for giving the best quality to their customers.


  1. Adidas Response ADV Snowboard Boots 2018-2019

The Response ADV is launched by Adidas as an addition in Adidas line- 17/18 and is made with the purpose of giving smooth rides to riders and is efficient in delivering an amazing level of control and instant response while boarding. The design is quite similar to that of new Samba ADV and has tightening feature for upper and lower section of the boot, individually and enables to get the perfectly fitted size and grip. It has dual boa closure system which is useful in achieving precise or exact git instantly and in an easy way, it has full micro adjusting characteristic and allows to control over the tightness and grip of both sections-upper and lower of the boot. It has a silver level or heat mouldable Ultron foam to give the shape of the foot and it results in a customized fit of the boot into your shoe size. The boot also has an internal harness combined with speed lace closure to secure your foot well in the liner which works as a shell for the non-slip fitting of the product. It has cushioning to support your foot well, with a continental rubber outsole to provide better support and dampen whilst is efficient in increasing grip on snow as well as on the ice.

The boot has articulated cuff to help the upper section of the boot in distortion-free flex on the joining part of both sections. It is essential to improve fit and better responsive nature. The rubber backstay is again helpful in reduction of slipping probability. The boots are made especially to boot the experience of snowboarding and have been reviewed as most comfortable snowboard boots amongst all others, they are technologically advanced and upgraded to make your riding experience faster and controllable.

  1. Divas Avid Technical Snow Boots

The Divas Avid Technical Boots are most preferred and voted as the most comfortable boots and provide functional hardcore riding to the riders by best possible tech boot design made by our group. Our experts have an experience of snowboarding and have designed the boot with the aim to provide the best riding experience to you as well. The product is made to endure any harsh climate including wind and water and is water and wind-resistant with enough space to let your foot breathe. It has a boa closure system which makes the whole operation easy and quick without any hassle of laces which is time-consuming and annoying at the same time. The Avid Technical Boot is smooth and gives a stiff feel to protect the ankle and foot which are likely to bend during riding. The Intuition liner is helpful to mold and forms the shape of the foot which is a most important feature of any standard boot. Now only the comfort, the boots are made to fit into women foot and is stylish in design, color and durable on a long run, this one-time investment can assure you many snowboard rides and come with a guarantee for 2 long years.

The Intuition closed cell foam is effective in insulation, and the heat retention meter ranges from 10 to 1 and has an aggressive lug outsole to give traction and stability in the long run. Ergonomic comfort cuff relieves pressure on the calf, it has reinforced toe cap, a heel counter at the base and side walls to give full comfort to the foot. It also gives the Aegis microbe shield to protect bacterial infection and easy grab heel to make your foot fit perfect into the shape of the boot and provide better grip in the snow. The boots are waterproof, windproof and allow the foot to breathe during the ride.

  1. Salomon Faction Boa Snowboarding Boots

Laces can be a real problem, they take a lot of time to tie up, are long and do not hold tight and again require the same amount of time, Salomon faction boots are the right choice to make. They have a huge dial but and the BOA closure helps to let your foot fit in completely without any loose or loop-holes. The foot hugging boots with lacing system is efficient in providing solid and consistent fit and the soft flex makes sure of comfort all day long. It has a custom heat-mouldable liner to protect from any discomfort and give heat inside the boot.  It has been made with all the important features necessary for boarding including soft flex for the rider to have optimal and advanced riding experience, feel free and let your foot breathe. The gold liners have customized fit heat mouldable feature to give a secure fit and long-lasting comfort. The full flex pads gave near the calf and additional padding under the arch is best for optimal holding and dynamic flex. It has a simple and quick lacing system in form of boa lacing which tightens the flick of the wrist and does not loose after a time.

The boot has Ortholite footbeds which are helpful in creating cooler, drier, harmless and soft cushioned are for the foot. It is unbreakable and the cushion is good to stay in comfort in a harsh environment. It also has a light-weight and ultra-low profile for better grinding, for protection of heel and addition in comfort and dampens only when you need to do it. They are comfortable to heels and cushy.

  1. DC Men’s Judge Snowboard Boots

The boots have a boa closure system and give advance benefits of adjusting into the boot easily and fit it accordingly. It can be customized and tighten as much as you want by using the knob, you can turn it into clockwise and anticlockwise direction and tighten and loosen the boots. It distributes the pressure of the foot into the boot evenly and allows micro-adjustment of lacing. The boots have a unique feature of double boa set up and have included ventilation system in the boots to let your foot breathe while riding. The product is synthetic and sturdy and allows air bladder and air release while wearing it on. It also consists of the 3D tongue which is the ergonomic single piece construction to give extreme comfort in the harsh environment with tight grip and stiffness. It has an articulated upper cuff and prevents the boot from breaking even in lowest temperatures and storms or winds and CTR compound which is helpful to harden and enhance the efficiency of the exterior body. It has two padding to give heels safety and comfort, the cushion is best suited for every foot and reduces chances of deform or harm. The boots can be used in the street walking or going back and is easy to remove.

  1. Adidas Tactical ADV Snowboard Boots 2018-2019

The product has a rating of 6 on the scale of flex rating, 1 is super soft and 10 is hard as a rock. It is ideal for mountain bad snowboarding. It fits well with its articulated cuff shell design and a 3D molded tongue at the front section for a comfortable, natural and flexible fit to give free movement. The boot is equipped with silver level liner is good to keep your heels safe, and feel relaxed while riding. The best boots are a combination of hard material to endure harsh weather and keep the foot relaxed at the same time. The foam padding gives your skin utmost breathing and non-deformable fit. The lacing can be adjusted according to the size of the foot, easily tighten and loosen the facility with power lacing. It has a multidirectional rubber insole to prevent from traction on snow, ice or snowboard. Its footbed is a boost to the energy with the extremely comfortable fit, charged ride and fast energy.

  1. Burton Moto Comfortable Snowboard Boots

The Burton Moto has made its name in the world of shoes and boots long back and has specialized boots for snowboarding to making your experience more rich and adventurous. It has a speed zone lacing system to quickly tie up laces and the characteristic to easily tighten and loosen them according to the foot size and width. It is ideal for beginners and gives them the freedom to enjoy without tying laces over and over. They are durable and tough and have no effect on them of extreme climate or weather. The liner or the inner side is made of reflective foil and keep your foot warm and heated during the day in cold regions and surrounded by snow. It has been made to give a memoir of riding with slopes turns and high speed and if efficient for providing stability. The price of the product is relatively inexpensive and won’t cost much to your pockets. The boots have comfortable footbed, articulated cuff and lacing system to give your foot comfort for all day long.

  1. Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots 2018-2019

These boots are made from premium quality of material and are lightly weighted to give you wings to fly in the snow without feeling heavy on the bottom. They are easy to wear and carry throughout the day and do not inflict any pain on the foot. They are made especially to let to freely walk into steep and sloppy regions where more grip is required. They come in three different sets of lacing system which can be selected according to the preference. The boots are not bulky, light in weight and have an excellent performance in hilly or sloppy areas. The boots are expensive and cost higher than others but are truly flawless and without any restrictions, give maximum results while riding. They maintain the stability, support your positioning, allow free movement in all directions and do not have any harm on the heel or ankle or leg.  They give an ease while snowboarding.

  1. Burton Concord Boa Snowboard Boots

The Burton concord snowboarding boots are most efficient in giving you a memoir for a lifetime. They are made of medium flex which isn’t too soft or too hard for your foot support and gives a playful time to you. The wishbone cuff is given to define convention and combine power with free movement. The medial and lateral sides allow twerking with the soft boot. The flex is placed in a way to minimize wheel distortion and permit you easy move in a smooth, free and fluid way. The comfort of legs is most important during riding and the boots are made with every minute details noticed and attached to the boot. It has a liner to lock the heat inside and keep your feet warm during riding in the snow embedded regions. It focuses on giving Maximum support to ankle and toes and avoid any deformation or injury while enjoying the adventure. It also has a dual zone boa closure system which is easy and fast and allows us to tie laces without taking off gloves in the slow. They have a cushioning to make your foot warm, comfortable and relaxed. The tongue of the boot has an internal gusset construction which helps to completely seal back section and keeps the foot dry. They come with a one year warranty.


  1. Head Five Boa Snowboard Boots 2017-2018

This product is slim and is designed in a compact shape and size, it has an ultrasonic welding process make it waterproof and lightweight. It has dual power straps so that you can modify and adjust the flex ratio according to your preference, and can easily be tightened or loosen. They combine together and give Integrated heel harness. They have attached side-mounted Boa to make it easy to tie up laces with bare hands and in a cold climate.  They are inexpensive and come for a fairly affordable price, it has features to let you move forward, backward and lean in any direction easily without any barriers. They have a medium flex and are suitable for riders for an adventurous ride.


  1. Burton Ion Boa

Get yourself ready with these amazing super stylish boots with speed zone lacing system, it is powered by Burton exclusive ropes along with lifetime warranty. They have a flex of 1:1 ratio and a power UP tongue. It is made to give comfort to your ankles, heels, and legs and the outer shell pressure give relied on and pain-free ride with an antimicrobial coating to protect your foot. It’s inside part or liner is heat provider. The footbed inside the boot is molded EVA level 2 Footbed perfect support and comfort. It also comes with a yearlong warranty.


What are the best snowboarding styles in 2018?

  • Riding Style: The selection of flex levels is done according to the different riding choices. Yes, it is a personal choice and comfort level which is also important while choosing flex but technically, it depends on the ride and the location of boarding.
  • Freestyle: Freestylers generally choose softer flexing boots because of the comfort and the type of environment. The softer flex permits smoother landings and access for free movement while tweaking grabs, on the road and sideways. Usually, flex for Freestylers can range anywhere from 1 – 2 at the scale of 10 and can follow to medium flex solely depending on the choice of the rider and the purpose of purchase.
  • Mountain rider: Despite the fact that mountain is a broad term and contains versatility in its forms, most of the time all-mountain riders do prefer to go for medium flex. It ranges somewhere between 4-7 on the scale of 10 or 7-10 out of 10. Mountain rides consist of anything from valleys, hulls, hilly areas, slopes, forests and other included in the category. It is necessary to invest in a medium flex rather than a soft flex to enjoy a more aggressive and adventurous rife with stiff flex. The range can be decided upon park laps, backcountry, steeper slopes, tree runs or chutes. The more is the challenge, the better has to be the flex, and by better, we mean higher range.
  • Free-ride: A stiffer flex is leading support for better response and Free-riders usually look forward to a maximum response while riding. Free riders also known as backcountry riders require a boot which is suitable to work in powder, snow, ice, mountain, through tight spaces or even down steep slopes, any place which is a challenge for the boots to be the support system while riding and can easily sustain themselves in harsh climate and environment without losing up or weakening of the grip. Hence, tough or stiff flex rating must be preferred by free or snowboarders. It is 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 in numerical form.


What lacing system would be best for my snowboard?

  • Boot Lacing Systems: Lacing is essential in snowboard boots. Boots should be tightly laced without compromising on comfort. It helps to keep ankle and heels secured by remaining in the right position with less heel lift. Most of the snowboard boots have three different lacing systems- the traditional, the quick-pull system and Boa-closure system. Some boots have features like hybrid design which blends in two of these systems. However, all the systems are quick, handy and safe and perform outstanding while riding. The selection can be purely on the basis of personal choice and the budget which gel well with the specified lacing system.
  • Traditional Laces: They are effective and definitely best laces for bot’s boots, the tightness of fit is easy to adjust by hand for different sizes and shapes, depending on how narrow your foot is, and in inexpensive. The replacement of these laces is easy to find and fits into every boot, however, they are hard to tie laces with gloves on or chilled bare hands when you in snow or in very cold temperature. There are chances that they might unintendedly loosen up after wearing for long hours.
  • Quick Laces: It is one-pull, corset seemingly, this system is faster and helps zonal tightening. It is convenient and does not require you to take off your gloves to tie them up.  The system will give adjustable tightening separately for forefoot lacing and lower leg. It is exceptional and not given in other lacing systems. The lace-pulls are easy to tuck in neatly and do not get loosen up easily. This might be complex for beginners and more expensive than the traditional lacing system. In case of breaking of strands, the riding experience may end before the full adventure.


What are Boa snowboard boots?

  • Boa System: It has small-diameter wires or strands made of stainless steel which are attached with knurled wheels- 1 or 2 and are meant for adjustment of snugness of the boot. They are fast, simple and convenient to use, generally, require only one hand to tie them up. Usually, two dials are held together or used combined, one at the top and the other one is around the ankle. This system gives an accurate fit to both sections attached to one or two knurled wheels or dials that adjust the snugness of the fit. If two dials are used, one is on the top of the boot tongue and another is near the ankle. Boa permits a very precise fit around the foot and lower leg. The one-dial system is applied uniformly to give snugness throughout the foot and hence, upper and lower foot sections have to be jointly customized. You can adjust it wearing gloves and offers a precise and well-fitted tie up and have excellence in shedding slop. It is quite expensive in comparison to other standard lacing systems but is easy to use.
  • Boot Liners: The liner is the whole of inner boot or inside of the snowboard boot. They are made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). This material is lightweight, has mouldable polymer which is helpful to people and in general, look and feels like foam rubber. It is like running shoes and EVA is soft like a cushion, give insulation and provide stability in the snowboarder’s foot. Some boots detachable liners and can be removed after riding to let them air dry and prevent smell in the boots. They dry faster and give the boot to breathe and remove the foul smell from it. Liners are divided into 3 categories including non-mouldable, thermoformable and custom mouldable.
  • Non-mouldable liners:Stock liners are good providers of foam padding to maintain stability in the foot. After long hours of the foot inside the boot and sustained pressure of body weight can make the forefoot part or section to deform that part and adjust the foot shape.
  • Thermoformable liners: These foam liners can fit into your foot and adjust themselves into a fitted size using the heat if your body foot and break in right after one or two days of snowboarding.
  • Custom mouldable liners: These liners achieve customized fit of the foot shape by using an artificial source of heat. It is best done by REI or ski shops by experts of trained staff in boot-fitting. However, it can be done at home but accuracy and fit aren’t

How tight should snowboard boots be?

Boot’s Footbeds: If you face any issues with stability or arches which collapse when you put weight on them or a foot which rolls when weighted, you can look for a footbed. It can help to stabilize your foot and make the ankle fitted in position, the ankles in neither rolled in nor out with the support of footbed. A neutral or semi-neutral subtalar position which is different in cased of different people refers to the space between talus and calcaneus. It is important to facilitate more free movement of the ankle and cause less fatigue. The supportive footbed is also helpful in constraining your foot in terms of both the length and the width and allow to wear a smaller shell size and get more precision in fit.

Footbeds come in a variety of different styles and materials. They also have price points and when the arch of the foot is the average of height and length while your foot is just stable, you can purchase a trim-to-fit footbed to obtain enough support at a reasonable price. It can be done simply by putting footbeds on the boots, measure your foot size by placing on it and mark the size with marker and trim it into the marked size.

Customised footbed are also an option, they are made from cork or polymer base which is trimmed and then finished properly by expert technicians. They are many companies which offer customized insoles which will fit into your heel size and provide comfort while riding. Most people have different heels and do not fit into regular or market boots, and hence, footbeds can be a rescue to ill-fitted shape.

How should your snowboard boots fit?

Here are a few steps which you can follow while trying your best boot size for your foot. These steps are tried and tested and if followed accordingly, they can provide a customized fit for your foot.

  • Wear your socks that you will put on while riding, and ideally, it should always be a single pair of either merino wool or a pair of synthetic socks. They are thin, smooth-faced and allow moisture to pass and produce less friction and less hot spots. Wearing too many layers of socks can cause sloppy stance. Follow the step for the opening the boot.
  • Loosen the laces completely, quick-pull the locks and BOA dials. Generally, there are multiple lacing systems from the shell and liner. Always loosen all the laces without being lazy or ignorant and reach the inside part of the boot and remove if any paper or stuffed material is present in the core or toe-side.
  • Slowly, slide the foot and make it go inside the boot, grab the front section, point the toe straight and deliberately pull the front section and insert the whole foot into it. Stand and step firmly into the boot. Check whether the liner tongue has grabbed the foot properly, with no gaps or overlapping on the side toes.
  • Do not panic if you feel that is it tight on your foot, remember the right size boot is always tight at the beginning. It is because the foot heat gives it space to adjust into your foot later on after a few minutes or 1 or 2 wearing. However, if it is overlapping the side toes, it is short for you.
  • Check the position of your foot right after you have put feet into the bots, check if the tongues are aligned, stand and sit and move forward and backward to check if there are any loose gaps or tightening is non-bearable for the skin. Movement is very important to check on the perfect size.
  • Now, follow this step by tightening the Shell Lacing and take it to the top, pull the laces firmly and tighten them unless you fell stimulation on the skin, and tie the laces well and tight, avoid any loosing up to get accurate fir on the foot shape.
  • Stand tall, walk to a few metres and quickly turn around, apart from feet from each other and bring them back together, move your leg in the leg and test it in the floor, try to slide and free kick in the air, do these movements on carpet or grass and feel the stiffness of the boots. Even if the flex is soft and cushions ate comfortable, the grip needs to be tight and must not loosen up after various movements. Always keep in mind, it is going to be challenged outside the store, so do not count on the free movement inside the testing area.

Never buy an oversized or short size because it will not only be a problem area during riding but can also is potential harm to your foot inflicting pain on it. It can harm your veins and muscles, roll in or out your ankle and leave you in pain for a long time. Buy the right shoes and get set go in the snow.

Best Women’s snowboard boots 2018

Snowboarding was originally said to be men’s game, in fact, it is a sad but true fact that most games were made to entertain men and that is why it is mostly played by men in all the countries. However, the time has changed and now even women are playing sports including adventurous sports and snowboarding is one of them. While many companies have started making a large verity of women’s boots, some of them still prefer to buy and fit into men’s boots. This might not be a good idea because a woman’s foot is very different from a man’s foot in terms of size, calf muscles, broadness and the skin. It is no harm to wear men’s boot in general but snowboarding is a challenge and comfort and stiffness at the same time, is mandatory. A woman foot is narrower than that of man, different calf muscles also impact buying shoes and fit into them perfectly. It is important to invest in women’s boot for snowboarding because they are customized according to the size, shape, and comfort of a women’s foot. In case, it is compromised, it can lead to pain, and take fun from the adventure sport, and you will spend most of the time in either tightening the laces or adjusting your feet into the boots. Many branded companies have made the best boots for women, according to their foot size and specifications.

Some companies also offer the best snowboard boots for kids and choosing them wisely is very important because of the soft skin of young ones. Do not look for oversized boots thinking that your child’s feet will grow in near years because that can create a problem during riding. Choose expensive and branded boots to give softness to your child’s feet and an amazing adventure experience memorable for lifestyle. However, the variety in limited for kids boots. You can buy footbeds in case heel do not land accurately in the boot, they can be trimmed or customized.


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